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Tips for playing Ocean King Slot 918Kiss

Tips for playing Ocean King Slot 918Kiss

Slot games are quite common in most online casinos. They are fun with their very reels, rows and the decoration  design features. But, more video-based games than online casinos. One example is Ocean King game. It is a game hunting fish where you try to catch how much fish you can, where each fish has different values ​​for the prize. It is an exciting and very different game format from most comfortable players with. So let’s see what this game offers in this.

Full Review of Ocean King Online Players
Ocean King Layout and Format, the game is quite different from most slots. It’s not like the 3 row row 5 reels format like slot games. In this game you have a cannon placed under the screen. This game can accommodate a large number of players in multiplayer mode. Other cannons will be placed on the edge of the screen. On the cannon, it will show the number of numbers that determine how much you have at that time. Each shot of the cannon has its own value, as well as the fish has its own value. Therefore, the amount of money you win is out of the total amount of your catch. Furthermore, cannons also have different types where it has different power.

Compared to the usual slot scenery, Ocean King gives you an early look at all the action. The screen is covered with seafloor with many objects inside. Sometimes it has rocks, crashed ships and various types of sea grass. Of course, the screen has several functions that give effect such as helping to start the stimulation. Therefore, as you play, you will always focus on the seafloor. Sometimes there is also floating foam. Additionally, there are things that can make things on the bottom of the sea look hard. Now, when the game begins, a bunch of colorful fish will fill the screen, where this fish will move in one group. However, the hardest, high value fish are hard to find and they always move in smaller groups. The more valuable things like the killer whale will swim in its own way and style. The sound of this game is ideal for the arcade because it is fun. Therefore, be ready to shoot the screen and the game will be very messy with simultaneous action at one time.


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